If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe,
think in terms of energy,frequency,and vibration.'
-Nikola Tesla


The Polaris Star is carrying cosmic world's most powerful and luminous Aether element called O9. This Aether element will mix in nature's 5 elements due to which there will be decentralization of element particles. Also, the power of GOD and the power of purity of the souls will concentrate the energy in the universe from outside of universe hence universe entropy will be zero. As per second law of thermodynamics, the entropy reversal would be possible by the ultra high energy present outside the physical world hence Aether energy and GOD's metaphysical energy will reset the complete universe. The powerful Aether O9 will purify five elements through Subtle Divine Sacred Geometric Structure and each particle in the physical world will come to its original purified form. Though, the world transformation seems to be destruction, but in reality it is a transition of Iron age to Golden age. Hence, the world has to accept the fact that, "The Purity of the Souls is Controlling the Gravity of the Universe."

Presently, the Polaris Star with luminous Aether O9 is coming towards the earth like a string due to which this universe will take a universal turn and India will be the energy center point in all respect. The universe transformation process is very vast, wonderful and top most secret which is not known to the human beings and only GOD Father Shiva can revealed.

There will be complete transformation of human beings and creatures by Aether power O9, souls will be purified by GOD's Ultra High Energy hence Polaris Star which is the medium to bring these both energies on earth is called as GOD's Alchemy.


Who are we?

In reality, we are not this body which is mortal but we are a point of metaphysical light energy which is very subtle, immortal, eternal and cannot be seen with these eyes or by microscope. When soul leaves from a body, it is known as death and when it enters in a new body, it is known as birth.

The Soul with the help of serpent power, Aether energy gives live to 15 trillion cells of our body with 7 energy centers. With the help of brain’s Pineal glands,100 billion neurons can control the all the movements of our body. All the Aether energy contained in the human body can be extracted by the soul while leaving from the physical body. As per our previous birth Karmic Account, the power of purity of the soul greatly affects the DNA and accordingly the structure of our body will be formed. Hence, as per previous birth Karmic Account, structure of our body and birth place will be fixed. When we leave one body, we take another body of a human being only and not any animals body as DNA of both are very different from each other.

Where we came from?


In reality, we came from the cosmic or soul world which is beyond this physical world. In the cosmic world, the souls are arranged as per their energy levels, like a reverse Kalpa tree and GOD Shiva is its seed.

There is a cosmic or soul world which is beyond this physical world which is spread into 6 dimensions and full of different layers of Aether energy. Yogis called this soul world as Shantidham, Nirvandham, Brahmlok, Paramdham and 7th Sky which is completely occupied by 6th element in golden particles known as Aether. There are different sections of energy levels for different religion souls. In this cosmic world, all the souls remain in perfect silence filled fully with purity. This wonderful soul world is full of O9 type of luminous Aether energy. The physical world is enclosed in the different boundaries of Aether O6 to O9. The physical world is in 4 dimensions in which objects are 3 dimensions and time is 1 in one dimension and ultimately it is the subpart of complete universe. Today scientists know only half portion (i.e. physical world) of the universe and upper half portion (i.e. subtle and cosmic world) is still unknown to them. If we join physical, subtle and cosmic worlds then there is formation of the complete universe, which is present in 10 dimensions and in this topology only we can get perfect equations of the complete universe. Thus, the description of three worlds :-

  1. Physical World - In this world there is an existence of human beings, animals and 5 elements of the nature.
  2. Subtle World - This region is beyond sky and one can reach to this region by astral body only.
  3. Cosmic World - In this region, there is an existence of GOD Shiva and souls. Also there is an existence of 6th element (i.e. Aether) in bulk quantity.


Who is God and where is he?

In this wonderful Aether or cosmic world, there is an existence of the supreme power GOD Shiva in 10th dimension (i.e. 10th energy level). He is highly luminous and so powerful that it is beyond our imagination. He is the source of all good values, virtues and powers and His laurels are indescribable in words. There is a misconception about the GOD that He is omnipresent. As we know that in cosmic world, there is an existence of 2 different energies such as GOD as an Ultra High Energy and Aether energy. During meditation, it was found that cosmic world’s Aether element is present in all the 5 elements fire, earth, air, water and sky of the physical world and hence we were into wrong notion that Aether is as a GOD since we were unable to find out the real form of GOD. In this way because of the presence of Aether element in each and every thing, we have wrongly considered that GOD is omnipresent but instead He is an Ultra High Energy and different from Aether energy.

As per different religions following are the beliefs about the GOD and at last all religions are considering GOD as ‘The Universal Light.’

  1. HINDUISM-“In the effulgent lotus of the heart dwells Brahma- the light of lights.” (Mundaka Upanishad). Also, GOD Shiva has been considered as insubstantial and worshipped in the form of Jyotirlingam or Pindi.
  2. ISLAM - “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.” (Holy Quran)
  3. CRISTIANITY - “I have come into the world as light.” (Holy Bible)
  4. BUDDHISM - “The Radians of Buddha shines Ceaselessly.” (Dhammapada)
  5. JUDAISM - “The Lord is my light whom shall I fear?” (Psalms)
  6. SIKHISM - “GOD, being Truth, is the light of all.” (AdiGranth)
  7. TAOISM - “Following the light, the sage takes care of all.” (Lao Tzu)
  8. NATIVE AMERICAN FAITHS - “The light of Wakan-Tanka is upon my people.” (Song of Kablaya)
  9. AFRICAN FAITHS - “GOD is sun beaming light everywhere.” (Tribal African)

Structure of Earth and Universe

The gigantic earth is full of energies and mysteries. In reality, the earth is not round but it is a flat disc and is stationary. The concept of flat earth is not new for us and there was an acceptance of it, in astrology of all major religions for up to about 2000 years age. The complete universe is rotating in a clock wise direction through power from white hole like a net cage. In the sky, the Polaris star looks at a steady position and universe is rotating in clock wise direction in cyclic pattern. Polaris star is full of Golden luminous Aether energy, connected to the white hole and there is an astral link of it with all other stars which remain in cyclic motion and they are getting energy from the Pole Star by which all stars are continuously rotating above the earth. This is the wonderful truth behind the amazing system of the universe. The earth is stationary since if it is rotating, the complete nature might get destroyed and there will be no existence of life on the earth.

Beyond this gigantic universe, there is nature’s 6th element as of golden particles known as luminous Aether energy and in science, it is known as antimatter. This marvelous cosmic world is connected to the physical world through white hole. This white hole is an opening of the cosmic world in which there is power to rotate this universe. This white hole is the center of gravity of the universe and through its Aether energy whole universe rotates continuously in cyclic pattern in the clock wise direction. Because of presence of black hole in the sky, it seems to be rotating in the anti-clock wise in the night. In one day, all the planets and galaxies are completing their one revolution around the earth.

The present universe is like a Godel Universe in which each and every particle completes its loop after certain period. The sky is rotating around the earth like Rotating Godel Universe in which gravity and quantum field are combined in the subtle form and continuously rotating. The structure of the universe is very much wonderful and complicated. The Rotating Godel Universe is a complete solution to Einstein’s field equations.

Aether Energy - Sixth Element of the Cosmic World

The nature consists of 5 elements such as earth, water, fire, air and sky. Aether is the sixth element of the cosmic world which is mixed into all the elements of the nature in different proportions. Aether quantity is maximum in the Sky element and minimum in the earth element hence the sky is called as Aether but it is a misconception. There are two types of Aether elements one is Super Luminous and other is Radiant which is present in nature’s 5 elements. Aether energy is known as life force or vital force. From the start of Copper age and up to about 2000 years ago, there was a strong belief that 5 elements consist of Aether element but today some scientists are not accepting this fact. This universe is in motion because of Aether energy only.

Unified Sacred Geometry

The 5 elements of the physical world such as earth, water, fire, air, and sky are known as 5 Platromix geometry and seen in old civilizations and cultures at the starting of the copper age. We had tried to find out unified sacred geometry of the 5 elements for example Flower of Life, Vesica, Piscis, Metatron’s Cube and Tree of Life. These types of symbols were used in art works of all old civilizations. We had tried to receive and use Aether energy with the help of such symbols on the pyramid like sculptures. The 7 vowels of music created by this sacred geometry and the resonance frequency of the universe is in the form of sound of "Om". There is a unique geometric structure of the 5 elements among each other with the help of Fibonacci and Golden ratio. Today science is not accepting such geometric fields due to which it is unable to understand Aether energy and nature’s wonderful structure hence science went into the dark and has reached a dead end.

Secrecy of World Drama Wheel (Cyclic Pattern of the Universe)

The World Drama Wheel consists of Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages and each age is of 1250 years duration. The first half cycle is 2500 years which consists of Golden and Silver ages are known as Heaven on the earth. In this period of 2500 years, souls and nature are in their highest purest form of original qualities with full of happiness. There was the existence of the deity dynasty religion on the Indian continent only. From Copper age, there were establishment of different religions and formation of different continents on the earth. At the start of this age, souls and nature have started to lose their original qualities. The present period is known as Diamond or Confluence age which is the ending of the Iron age and start of the Golden age.

It is the transition period of less duration in which GOD (Shiva) manifests Himself with His human corporeal medium Prajapita Brahma (Adam). In Diamond age, the transformation of the world from Iron to Golden age is under process by God Shiva at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India and now this age is also coming to an end within a very short period. The history and geography of the universe repeats dramatically after each 5000 years period and it is known as cosmic time cycle according to old civilizations.

Golden Age

We all souls were living in the cosmic world before the start of the Golden age. In this age, the central gravitational forces of the cosmic world and the earth were balanced and zero. In Golden age, deities were living on the earth and there was a kingdom of emperor Shri. Narayana and Shri. Laxmi. Today, this advance kingdom is well known as Atlantis or Maria, whose evidences have been found in the records of old civilizations like Mayan, Egyptian, etc.

Copper Age

In the copper age, deities became body conscious, hence their degree of purity got reduced and they became impure. At the same time, there was formation of two black holes one in space above the earth and other one below the earth due to which there was formation of electrical insulator material inside the core at the centre. The core of the earth got divided into two parts hence monopole divided into two poles due to which there was formation of two separate electromagnetic fields and hence the sky element at the center got divided into two parts. During conversion of monopole into dipoles, there was Pangaea event due to which the single Indian super continent got divided into 7 numbers of different continents. There were different types of natural disasters which occurred like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, etc. due to which the modern civilization of Golden and Silver ages got destroyed and went under sea which is known as Atlantis or Mariya. Till today, people are searching for this continent.

Iron Age

At the end of Iron and start of Golden age, GOD (Ultra High Energy) manifests Himself in human corporeal medium as Prajapita Brahma (Adam) in 1936 in India. After entering into human corporeal medium, GOD has started revealing all the secrets of the universe along with the knowledge about past, present and future of the humanity. After the manifestation of GOD in India, there has been an increase in the Aether energy receiving capacity of the Indian continent due to which its electromagnetic field strength has been increasing. Also, because of entering of Ultra High Energy (GOD) into the physical world, scientists are getting more advance findings in their different research works.

Transformation Process of Universe

The centre of gravitational force of the earth is increasing because of the reduction in centre of gravitational force of the universe which is located on the top of Pole Star. As the universe is expanding, the speed of the rotating universe goes on increasing resulting in movement of the Pole Star towards the earth in a string pattern. The string like motion of the Pole Star towards the earth has already started in the Copper age before 2500 years which was seen in the form of a bright light by different religion founding fathers and they have considered the Pole Star as a GOD. The Pole Star will be the medium to spread Aether energy into the physical world and in future it will come very close to earth. Aether element will be spread into nature’s 5 elements; hence there will be complete purification of them. Due to the presence of Aether element, silicon present in the semiconductor form will be converted into bad conductor due to which all computers and electronic equipments will stop working hence the complete humanity and its life style will be disturbed.

At the same time, there will be decentralization of uranium and other radioactive elements contained in the nuclear weapons resulting in the automatic explosions of nuclear weapons like atom, hydrogen bombs, etc. This event will play major role for the initiation of transformation processes.

Mount Abu - The Place of Universe Transformation

If the location of all the old civilizations across the world like Egyptian, Easter Island, Mayan, etc. joined by a ley line on the earth then Mount Abu which is in the Aravali hills in India comes on the same ley line. The latitude and longitude of Mount Abu are 240 N and 720 E. With reference to the earth, there is an inclination of Pole Star at an angle 23.50 and lifting of sky element by 720 found at Mount Abu, Rajasthan in India hence it is the centre point of the earth. As Mount Abu is the center point of the earth hence GOD Shiva is teaching the famous and old type of Indian meditation which people want to learn as well as real spiritual knowledge through which this world will transform into heaven.


Hence, each soul must gain powers from GOD and should confirm their seats in the forth coming Golden age and also extend their co-operation to the GOD for transforming this Iron age into the Golden age and make their fortune bright. On one side, humanity is searching for GOD in temples, mosques, churches and at the same time scientists are doing deep research to reveal the secrets of this wonderful universe and on another side almighty GOD has manifested Himself in the beautiful nature of Mount Abu in the Aravali hills in India. "THE ARTIST OF THE UNIVERSE, PAINTING THE GOLDEN REALITY WHICH WILL BE KNOWN TO THE WORLD IN THE NEAR FUTURE."

Today, the fans of famous scientist Nikola Tesla are feeling that he will come back as he had mentioned on 17th July 1930 that “SOMETIME, BUT NOT NOW, I WILL ANNOUNCE SOMETHING WHICH YOU CANNOT FIND EVEN IN FAIRY TALES”.

Transformation of the universe from Iron to Golden age is the top most event in the history of humanity which is going to happen and cannot be found even in fairy tales. For the forth coming Golden age, Nikola Tesla’s science of Infinity and Eternity will be the reality and again there will be the confluence of science and spirituality. We are inviting all scientists across the world for this great work.

Who I am? The Secret Science of Human Consciousness

We are not this physical body but a point of metaphysical light energy which is known as Consciousness Quantum Spiritual Energy (CQSE- observer), which is very subtle and eternal, having subtle Planck geometry less than 1.616 x 10-35m. As per Sacred Geometry of CQSE, with the help of 10 dimensional Strings which are connected to all 16 Aetheric energy points, creates frequency and vibrations in Aether (quantum vacuum energy) medium as torsion waves, which creates an electromagnetic bio-photons and these acts on neuron's microtubules of brain for collapse of quantum wave functions which gives experience to CQSE. The Aetheric energy of CQSE gives power to 37 trillion cells of our body with 13 subtle energy centers and with the help of brain's Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Pineal gland and 100 billion neurons, the CQSE control all the movements of our body. CQSE give program to DNA via morphogenetic field to build organs of body. Also it carry information for next birth of Human body.

Who is GOD? The Supreme Conscious Unified Gforce of Universe

GOD - The Supreme Conscious Unified Gforce of universe is in the 10th dimension of the universe with high Quantum Vacuum Energy (Aether) level of 1021GeV with Infinite Silence Field of Pure Consciousness. From this Divine Sacred Geometry of Supreme Unified Gforce i.e GOD, the entire universe is manifesting with the help of 10 dimensional super strings which creates 16 types of Aether energies which creates all forces and energies of the universe. The universe is running under mechanism of Geometrical pattern of GOD's Love, Peace, Purity, Bliss, Joy, Power and Knowledge at very high energy levels in dance of Creation from the Supreme Conscious Unified Gforce of universe, which is in the three times and one space universe beyond this physical universe.

What is Aether Element? The Conscious Zero Point Energy

The Nature consists of 5 elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky. Aether is the Sixth element (Brahma Tatva) of the cosmic world which has the consciousness and its spins give birth to all the 5 elements of the nature through different vibrations of Human consciousness. There are two types of Aether elements, one is Golden Luminous and other is Radiant which is present in nature's 5 elements. Aether energy is known as life force or vital force. The structure of Aether is very much subtle of the value 10-35m, but torsion waves give its presence and it is full of infinite energy. We can get more details of Aether by studying Aether Quantum Dynamic Physics.

The Secrecy of Cosmic Cycle / Geometry of Time

This mysterious universe is eternal and has no beginning and no end. This universe is nothing but a big cosmic cycle of different ages like Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages and each age is of 1250 years duration. The first half cycle is 2500 years which consists of Golden and Silver ages known as Heaven on the earth. From Copper age, there were establishment of different religions like Islam, Christian, Judaism, Buddhist, Jain, Sikhs etc. and Civilization like Egyptian, Greek, Mesopotamia, Mayan, Babylonian etc. Also formation of different continents created on the earth. The Sacred Geometry of Time is cyclic and the History and Geography of the universe repeats identically after every 5000 years period and it is known as Great Cosmic Time Cycle according to Ancient civilizations.

TThe Unified Sacred Geometry of Universe (i.e. Cosmometry)

Universe is nothing but Ultimate Sacred Geometrical (i.e. Cosmometry) creation of Supreme Conscious Unified Field of Universe from which entire universe is manifested through various fundamental patterns of Energy, Frequency and Vibration. At it's foundation, Cosmometry is a study of the fundamental patterning of cosmic manifestation which is composed of three energetic-synergetic components. These are:

a. Vector Tensegrity - Geometric pattern and structure (crystalline forms)

b. Torus Flow Process - Primary form of energy in motion as a discrete entity (whirlpools)

c. Field Patterning – Standing wave interaction of vector and torus dynamics (water waves) There is a unique geometric structure of 5 elements among each other with Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Ratio for creation of matter and its forces in Universe.

The Call of Time - Now or Never

In the present scenario, Science has brought about tremendous development of humanity, but at the cost of, humanity losing its virtues, moral values and divine qualities which have ultimately resulted into many social, political, economical and religious problems such as riots, terrorism, civil wars of religion, poverty, population, pollution, violence against women, diseases, production of nuclear weapons and poor economy etc. Because of body consciousness human beings are attracted of materialistic world hence they are not accepting the True Holy Knowledge of consciousness and Call of Time. This is the time for realization of our own higher soul consciousness and rejuvenate self through Supreme consciousness for upcoming transformation of World from Iron age to Golden Age. It's Now or Never.

The Ancient Rajyog - The Holy Science of Higher Consciousness

In Today's hectic and chaotic world, all human are looking for Peace, Happiness, Health and Wealth in their life. This can be achieve by learning the highest meditation technique of Ancient Rajyog of Bharat (India) to achieve the highest spiritual stage in present life.

Ancient Rajyog is the method of connecting and charging Self (Conscious Quantum Spiritual Energy) from Supreme CQSE (Unified Conscious Field of the Universe) for purification of self from all vices and sins, so that we can ready for upcoming Golden Age (Lumeria/Atlantis) on this mother Earth. This is an Holy Science of Higher consciousness to connect with Universal consciousness for Eternity and Immortality.

Service done by Alchemy of GOD

  • Released of " Polaris Star- World Transformer Brahmastra" (Hindi/ English) documentary on 16th Feb 2015, which gives information on Physics of GOD, Soul (Self) and Universe in infinite Aether energy under the mechanism of Sacred Geometry.
  • Released of " Rajyog – The Holy Science of GOD Shiv" ( Hindi/ English) documentary on 21st June 2015 (International Yoga Day), which gives information on Sacred Geometry of GOD, Soul (Self), Universe and how we can achieve highest consciousness through Ancient Rajyog Meditation of Bharat (India).
  • Research paper " Novel Findings on the True Nature of Cosmology in view of Ancient and Modern Era" has been presented on 9th January 2016 at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SCIENCE AND JAIN PHILOSOPHY at IIT Mumbai.
  • Research paper " REVEALING THE REAL SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH A NOVEL DIVINE SACRED GEOMETRICAL STRUCTURE OF CONSCIOUS QUANTA" has been accepted in April 2016 to International Conference on "Toward a Science of Consciousness" organized by Consciousness Study Center of Arizona University, USA.
  • Research paper " Alchemy of God Team has given presentation on "Metaphysics of The Unified Field of Universe" at 'International Conference on Unified Field Mechanics' which will was organized by "International Physical and Mathematical Science Committee " on Dec 15- 16, 2016 at London Holiday Inn Wembley.

Current Research on Following Projects by Alchemy of GOD

  • Revealing the Conscious Quantum Spiritual Energy 's (CQSE) details working Sacred Geometrical mechanism with Human Brain under String theory and Aether Quantum Dynamic Physics. This will explore all secretes of Human consciousness with physical universe.
  • Revealing the Supreme Conscious Quantum Spiritual Energy 's ( SCQSE) details working Sacred Geometrical mechanism through String theory and Aether Quantum Dynamic Physics to find out creation of Aether energy from his divine virtues i.e Love, Peace, Purity of Conscious Unified Gforce of Universe (i.e. GOD).
  • Revealing the Secret of Unified Sacred Geometry of World Cycle with GOD, Soul, Aether Energy and Time under Gödel metric of Unified field of Universe.
  • The total secret of Universe Sacred Geometry (i.e. Cosmometry) with respect to Ancient and present cosmology .
  • To Solve the current problems of Physics, Chemistry, Neuroscience, Medical Science, Space Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, History and Geography.
  • To develop the technologies of upcoming Lemuria /Atlantis (Golden Age) world, working on Aether energy and control through human thoughts.
  • Reveal the Science of Eternity and Immortality through Holy Knowledge of Ancient Rajyog of Bharat (India).

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